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WDW Day 5: Magic Kingdom and the Studios

December 21, 2013

Less than 12 hours after leaving it, we returned to the Magic Kingdom to start this day of touring. Some rides were ridden and shops explored, of course, but the main attraction was lunch at Be Our Guest, the headliner restaurant in new Fantasyland. Lunch is quick service, which usually means first come, first served, but thanks to tips from online friends, I managed to snag a FastPass+ type reservation for us, so we were able to get in that way (though I think if we’d shown up standby a half hour or so before lunch ended, there might not have been that much of a wait anyway, but you just can’t know ahead of time). It’s a big space, with three themed rooms, and there are a lot of details to entertain the eye. It’s also pretty noisy, but I guess that’s part and parcel of theme park dining.

Be Our Guest decor

By late afternoon, we’d made our way back to the Studios, where we scored a walkup dinner seating at the Hollywood Brown Derby and saw the nighttime Fantasmic show in between doing various attractions (I was the rebel spy in Star Tours; first time that’s happened to me) and looking in various shops. Near the end of the night, we walked back to the Osborne Lights and it was so crowded we didn’t spend long hanging around (it wasn’t a wander at will situation, but rather cast members were directing traffic and not allowing access from certain points).

Osborne Lights with a crowd

We got back from the Studios early enough to take a swim in both of the pools back at the Poly; we even watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks across the lake while bobbing around at the shallow end of the main pool.


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