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Don’t Ski on the Brown Snow

December 21, 2023

Despite conditions that have deteriorated since my last outing, I went skiing today, mostly because I needed some exercise and thought it would be helpful to retain some muscle memory for when the season really gets going. It was a somewhat dismal experience. I knew when I saw so much grass exposed in the village that it wasn’t going to be great.

Small village square with Christmas tree. Some of the ground is snow covered but the area just under the tree and in the foreground is bare grass. Dark grey four-story hotel with white trim in the background.

I started my ski day doing terrain that wasn’t open the last time I was out there: a beginner run down to the new lift that went in this past summer, a high speed detachable quad that replaced a fixed grip double. It was an exercise in picking a path to avoid dirt and branches and rocky patches and wet spots that dotted the run. I was rather surprised it was in as bad a shape as it was (and they’ve since announced it will be closed starting tomorrow until snow conditions improve). The new bridge across a creek to access the relocated loading area was in decent shape, though a bit wet.

Looking up a ski slope with a lot of brown patches showing (seen from the chairlift).

No way was I going to venture back down that same slope, so I next rode the lift to the top that hadn’t been opened for the season yet when I last went out. The snow up there (on the runs which were open) was pretty decent. Still the occasional patches of branches sticking up to ski around but not really a problem, especially since the snow was creamy and grippy so control wasn’t an issue. About two-thirds down the mountain, Mr. Karen and I had to take a cat track back toward the lift, and that got rather wet and sticky in spots (and because it’s a cat track, it didn’t have much vertical drop to help us keep up speed to plow through). Not ideal. It was sad to see how little snow cover there was on the runs above it. I stopped to rest my feet and snapped this bummer of a view:

Looking up a ski slope from a cat track. A lot of dirt and branches showing between the patches of snow.


While the skiing was not great today, there were some bright spots, like the fact it didn’t rain at any point, and the snow monster some lifties made:

Snow sculpture of a centipede/ant/monster with many branches sticking out for legs/arms and an open mouth with sharp teeth.


Just look at this fine work with branches to make the eye and teeth:

Closeup of above snow sculpture's head showing branch bent in circle to make the eye and branches bent into triangles for the teeeth.


Also, the vistas continue to enchant me.

View across a ski slope with clouds and more of the mountain in the distance.


View into a mountain valley with clouds and snow covered slopes. A pine tree in the foreground on the left side of the frame.


I am not sure when I’ll ski next. The weather forecast doesn’t look very promising; though we might get a few inches of snow this weekend, the overnight lows early next week aren’t as low as they need to be for the resort to make some of their own. I’m also not sure whether the Christmas week crowds will show up. If they do, and conditions don’t improve drastically, it might be 2024 before I’m back out on the slopes.


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