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Living in a Winter Wonderland

December 21, 2018

We slept in after our late arrival but did get up and going in time to spend the afternoon out on the slopes, which were noticeably whiter than when we’d left.



Today, my happy place was high on the mountain, where the snow hadn’t melted and refrozen as it had at the lowest elevations.

Happy Karen


After we skied, we did the less fun activity of shoveling the decks. For me, that turned into a bit of snowshoeing in the yard, as I knocked off one of the caps on the posts on the deck railing while removing the snow that had piled up on it, then later knocked off the base for the cap when I was throwing shovels of snow over the railing to clear the deck. I first tried just climbing up the snow pile to get the displaced pieces, but sunk in up to my knee, so snow shoes it was.

Snowshoeing in the yard

I hope to get out and do some snowshoeing not in my yard soon, but if it keeps snowing, it’s going to be hard to skip skiing.


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