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Archive for December 17th, 2023

Happy Color Hiccups

December 17, 2023

My relationship with the Happy Color app (last chronicled about two weeks ago), like all relationships, sometimes has its frustrations. This week I’ve run into two of them, which, because it is Holidalies, I’m going to write about.

First, in the old bonus pictures for Christmas that I’ve been working on, I found a triptych of Santa and his reindeer. A triptych does not display nicely in the two-across grid that complete pictures get stored in. I’m fine with the trios that occur for the picture of the month (when grouped into a quartet with a related image as I described in that previous entry), but those are individual images, not three meant to be displayed side by side by side. I had to color them to complete my Christmas bonus pics quest, so I did, quadding them up with another sleigh picture. It would have to do.

Cropped screenshot from the Happy Color app completed pictures view showing four images. Top two are reindeer in harness and reins. Bottom two are sleighs; left goes with the reindeer above, right has a girl standing next to a sleigh and a reindeer.

Except the triptych part niggled at me, so I saved the three images and stitched them together in Paint (hush, I’m old and was forced to use Windows by a series of jobs). Ah, much better.

Three images saved from Happy Color and edited into one image showing Santa in a sleigh being pulled by four reindeer (one being ridden by an elf in a Santa suit) with two freelance reindeer in the foreground.


The other bother is, as of now, still unresolved. I was going through the Holidays tab and starting some of the new images there, including this heart.

Cropped screenshot from the Happy Color app showing a partly completed picture of a heart with a Christmas-themed snowglobe inside. There are six numbered circles of different colors below the heart.


Looking for something to pair it up with, I scrolled through the Hearts tab, thinking I might have missed some Christmas-themed ones. What should I find in there but the same image in different colors that I’d completed sometime back.

Cropped screenshot from the Happy Color app showing several images on the Hearts tab.


So now what? Do I pair the new version with something else? I do have another snowglobe started that’s looking for a partner. Or do I re-do the old version so they can live side by side? I rarely scroll too far back in my Completed tab, and I didn’t always pair up images like I do now anyway, so re-doing the old one won’t mess up anything I’d notice. But if I do that, the other snowglobe will still need a partner and maybe I won’t find anything as good as this new snowglobe in a heart. I really do like to make my leisure time stressful for myself sometimes. I guess it’s part of my charm?


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