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December 17, 2022

Mr. K and I finally got around to putting ornaments on the tree tonight. We’ve been busy skiing and stuff. I took a few photos after we were done, but worried that I’d shared those particular ornaments before, so did a quick search of my past Christmas tree posts, which reminded me of some ornaments that we didn’t put on the tree, so maybe I’ll dig those out (assuming they are in the box I didn’t look through thoroughly since we already had what seemed like enough stuff on the tree) and add a few. Even if I don’t, there’s plenty on there to look at, like this alpaca (maybe a llama). I’m pretty sure I bought at a livestock show that a friend and I ended up at on the spur of the moment when the quilt show we’d gone to see turned out not to be open as early as we thought. Driving around looking for something to do until we could see the quilts, we spotted the sign for the farm show.

Closeup of an alpaca ornament hanging on a Christmas tree. There is a white mini light in the upper right. The alpaca is cream colored and has a harness/scarf made from bright pink and yellow thread.

While putting on ornaments, I also redistributed more of the M&M light covers so they wouldn’t all be bunched up where Mr. K had added the string to replace the broken lights. Since they don’t grip on the pre-lit lights as well as on their own string, many of the relocated candies are at odd angles, however I could get them to stay, like this yellow upside down one.

Closeup of a yellow M&Ms light on a Christmas tree. It has arms and legs and shoes and a face and  is upside down in relation to the tree branch.



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