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Archive for December 13th, 2023

Win Some, Lose Some

December 13, 2023

With the novella I finished last night, I met my 2023 reading goal of 61 books. Go me! I had mere seconds to bask in that achievement, as just below showing that achievement on my stats page, The StoryGraph informed me I’m only 73% complete with my pages goal of 25,000. “5,592 pages more until you’re caught up! You’ve got this!” it says below that. No, StoryGraph, I don’t have this. No way I’m going to read over five thousand more pages in the two weeks left in the year.

I failed my pages goal last year, too. It was 25K as well, and I came closer than I will this year, finishing 2022 with 22,019 pages read. I’m capable of reading that many pages in a year; I did it most recently in 2020, though granted that was a weird year what with all the staying home and avoiding COVID. I’m not sure what I’ll set as my goal for 2024. It doesn’t really bother me when I don’t hit it, so maybe I’ll just keep it at 25,000.

Non-fiction, and romance novels within that category, dominated my choices once again this year. I crave the comfort inherent in a romance novel, knowing everything is going to work out in the end even if things look bleak for a while. That said, I’d like to get back to reading more non-fiction, as that helps me learn things about myself and the world in ways fiction does not. As far as I know, StoryGraph doesn’t have a feature that lets you set goals for that, but it does track the actual breakdown, so it’s easy enough to see where I’m at. For 2023 so far, I’m at 7% non-fiction. I looked back several years and that’s the lowest it’s been in a while. I’m thinking 15% for 2024 would be reasonable.

Would I read without setting goals? Sure. Would I read as much? Quite possibly not. And I like to read, so goals it is.


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