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So Many Words

December 13, 2020

I updated my book log today with the five books I’ve read since the end of November. A good portion of the time I haven’t spent traveling and hanging out with friends this year thanks to the pandemic I’ve spent reading. As of today, I’ve read 108 books this year, way past the goal of 58 I set in Goodreads for 2020. When I started using The StoryGraph in the beginning of July, I put in a new goal of double that, 116. Right now, I’m 3 books behind that stretch goal. Can I finish eight books in the 18 days left in 2020? I can, sure. Will I? Unclear. I definitely won’t read the right books to complete The StoryGraph Onboarding Reading Challenge; I’m 10 behind there and don’t have any of those 10 in progress or in my queue right now. I’m okay with that.


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One Comment
  1. John Says:

    That’s quite a reading list! I read the first two books of the Mary Robinette Kowal Jane Austen-y books and, like you, found them charming. Perfect description. I didn’t realize there were further books in the series.

    The only other overlap in our year of reading so far was Gideon the Ninth. I enjoyed it in all its wonderful weirdness. I read the sequel, Harrow the Ninth, and though it didn’t have the same narrative charm as Gideon, I really liked it.

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