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New This Season

December 12, 2020

Ski season continues; we need more snow, both for more fun and so more terrain can be opened to spread the people over more space. There have been a few changes at the resort since I wrote my previous entry about skiing during COVID times.

These big signs placed near the entrance to the lift lines are new. They are harder to miss than the first set of signs were (they’re still up, too). I imagine they’re also easier for employees to point to when people are giving them trouble about wearing a mask in line. And have no doubt, people are giving them trouble. I haven’t seen it myself, since other than than first preview weekend, we’ve avoided the most crowded days when there’s the most need for enforcement of the rules. But I did see a thread in a local Facebook group where some guy was incensed at how his child was treated when he got in line without his mask pulled up (he never did address why he hadn’t made sure his kid was following the rule before they got in line). That discussion started awful and stayed that way—the OP calling COVID the “Kung Flu”, plenty of anti-maskers calling the resort employees fascists and Nazis, one dude calling masks “Satan diapers” and “Satan muzzles” and saying parents who made their kids wear them should be charged with felony child abuse, one woman posting meme after meme after meme (all anti-science) and telling multiple people to GFYS, and on and on. I bet most of the folks jumping in there don’t even ski or snowboard so the mask policy on the mountain doesn’t affect them at all. There was another thread in another local group where the OP asserted that if there really were a deadly pandemic no one would be skiing, so since people were skiing, therefore there was no pandemic going on. She seemed to think “pandemic” means “everyone dies” as well, though hard to tell if that was hyperbole or something she actually believes. It gets exhausting reading all this crap, so I have to take regular breaks from these groups.

sign near a ski lift saying entering a zone where face coverings are required


The other new feature are the food trucks in one of the parking lots. They’ll be there Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to spread out the people wanting to eat lunch. Their location makes it easier for folks to get food and take it to eat in their cars if they want to do that as part of physical distancing. Mr. K and I grabbed tacos from the bus on the left and ate at one of the few standing tables in the area; we felt okay doing that since it was just at closing time for the trucks and no one else was still eating.

former school bus painted purple and teal and in use as a food truck


I expect there will be more changes as the season and the pandemic both proceed.


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