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Archive for December 10th, 2023

In with the New (in a Bit)

December 10, 2023

During busy travel months, I often have two tubes (or bottles or jars) of my skincare products open at the same time, one in my bathroom and one in my toiletries kit that gets taken on the road. Mr. K and I don’t have any trips planned for a while since it’s ski season, so I’ve been pulling replacements out of my travel kit for items that are getting used up rather than looking in the cupboard where backups are stored. My daytime eye creme was running low, so I grabbed the one that had been going places with me and found the packaging had changed a bit. Same product inside, I think, and the same size tube and same cap design, but with changes to the company logo and tag line as well as the product name and benefits. The new logo looks better to me; easier to read the company name and it no longer rests on what always reminded me of a smudged QR code. I do wonder why they no longer tout five benefits but only two (or three depending on whether you count from the name or the benefits list); were they never all there (despite the “we keep our promises” tag line) or are they just emphasizing the ones that set this product apart from others? It feels the same to me, and I haven’t noticed any change in effects when using the new one on trips, so I do not know.

Two tubes of RoC eye crème, both white with dull gold caps and majority blue labels. New on the left, old on the right.


I wasn’t quite done with the old one; I snipped the end off the tube and resealed it with small binder clips. I’ve been dipping my fingertip in there for a few days now, using up the last bits of creme in there. I’ll do that until I can’t get any more out, patting myself on the back for being frugal (while ignoring all the places I’m not thrifty).

Old tube of RoC eye crème with the end snipped off. A small scissors with a brown plastic handle and blades half open sits next to it.


I feel like I want to document my current skincare routine beyond this one daytime creme, but that’s for another day.


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