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Short and Soggy

December 10, 2021

One month ago today, it was raining in Orlando again, so Mr. Karen and I had a pretty relaxed day. We did go to the Magic Kingdom for a little while, doing mostly indoor stuff like looking at shops, including the rainbow wall of M&Ms. To mix it up a little, I switched from my white compression socks that I’d been washing out every night to some black ones I also bought at CVS. Super stylish.

Wall with cylinders of M&M candies in a rainbow of different colors


Person wearing black skirt, black knee high compression socks, and purple running shoes with black stripes and a white sole


We went back to the condo and changed for dinner, which was at Disney Springs on this particular evening. It was wet there, too, so we didn’t do any browsing to speak of, just had our dinner (after a slightly damp and chilly wait for our table to be ready as we were huddled outside under cover rather than hanging around in the crowded entryway of the restaurant). On the walk back to the parking lot, I discovered that the giant Christmas ornaments that caught my eye the other day not only glowed at night but also changed colors.

Collage showing the same oversized Christmas ball ornament glowing in different colors: blue, lavender, and purple



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