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Archive for December 22nd, 2022

In the Outlet By the Light Switch

December 22, 2022

Aging comes for us all if we’re fortunate to live that long. I am now “travels with a nightlight” years old. I’ve been that old for a few years now, actually. My travel kit has had a small flashlight in it for years and years, but now that nighttime bathroom trips are pretty much a given rather than an occasional thing, it’s just easier to have a light in whatever bathroom I’m heading to. Many hotels have them built in to the blow dryers, but not all of those work. The condos we’ve rented for our longer stays in Florida the past few years didn’t have anything like that, so on one of our trips to stock the kitchen at one of those places, I got a two-pack of nightlights. The first served me well until I left it plugged in at a hotel over Thanksgiving weekend, so now the second has been promoted to active duty.

Collage with two photos of a nightlight. Unlit in a bright room on the left. Lit in a dark room on the right.



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