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Snapping Photos is Cheaper

December 22, 2016

The latest addition to my collection of photos of things I am not going to buy is this ski sweater:

I like this, but do not $158 like it

Why am I not going to buy it even though I really, really like it? Several reasons, starting with it’s $158, and my clothing budget is not what it used to be. Then there are the stacks of clothes I already own and do not wear (some still in boxes from the move). Plus, it probably doesn’t even fit me. (I didn’t dare try it on in case it does fit.) I will say if it’s still there in spring at the end of season sale, I might have to have it. I expect it might not go on sale, though, and just be put away in the stockroom until next winter, like the decorative pillows that I was not buying last year from the same store.


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