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Reversible Watch Cap

December 22, 2010

Reversible hatAnother week, another hat. This one is a Christmas present for Mr. Karen’s dad Dale, who’d said at Thanksgiving that he was thinking about getting a stocking cap. I couldn’t quite see him in what I picture when I hear the words “stocking cap”, namely a hat with a long, somewhat silly, tail on it like this one. Turns out he wasn’t thinking of a hat with a tail; he was thinking of what I call a watch cap, which doesn’t have a tail but does have a turned up cuff. (I learned the term “watch cap” from a book a read about McDonald’s years and years ago; evidently Ray Kroc forbid his executives from wearing them.) Sometime after Mr. Karen and I got home from Thanksgiving the hat I was working on for someone else turned into Dale’s hat. I offered to make a hat just for Dale, but Mr. Karen was pretty insistent that his dad get a “good hat”, meaning a reversible double layer hat like I’d made for him, and the only way that would get done by Christmas is if I’d already started it, which I just happened to have done with the hat on my needles, which was going to be red and black, reversing to solid black. I’ve made this pattern, the Double Layer Hat from Quanah’s website, several times, so the copy I printed out has notes about changes I’ve made to refine the fit, mostly to add more length (gotta keep those ears covered, you know). I didn’t add as much length to this one as I did for Mr. Karen’s which he noticed as soon as he tried it on. Too late, hat was done. Normally I wouldn’t reveal a Christmas gift before Christmas, but I have it on good authority that Dale’s already seen his gift in the flesh, or rather, in the yarn, so I’ve been authorized to do the reveal here.


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  1. lisa-marie Says:

    That looks nice! And warm!

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