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Human Popsicle

December 23, 2016

Today the weather on the mountain was challenging. The day started with snowglobe snow, with fluffy flakes falling gently, but by the time we got out on the hill, the dreaded ice fog had set in. This looks like regular fog, but has the added element of coating objects moving through it with a thin layer of ice. Objects like skiers. In ice fog, one takes breaks not because one is tired, but because one needs to scrape the ice off one’s goggles. Or, one can try to ski without goggles, which makes it easier to see, but only if one can keep one’s eyes open with little pellets of ice hitting them. It’s a challenge. It can be amusing, too, in an “isn’t this ridiculous” sort of way, but that gets old after just a few runs. So that’s all I did today. What a luxury to be a local and have that option. I don’t have to squeeze as much as I can into each ski day because there are only ten or fifteen of them each season. It’s a good feeling.

Ice Fog Deluxe

It also helps knowing that for every day like today, there are more days that the clouds lift and I get to see views like this one on my way to the grocery store yesterday.

Heading into town



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  1. Bozoette Mary Says:

    Wow – what a view!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Lovely pictures!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Amazing view!! I don’t think I have ever dealt with ice fog. It’s a sunny 80 degrees down here in South Louisiana!

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