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Tech Cat

December 22, 2006


Much as I liked the disposable ensign, I decided it was time for a new desktop background. I decided on this one (which I grabbed from here) because it never fails to make me smile.

(Looking at the picture from almost four months ago, I chagrined to see that some of the sticky notes on the monitor are still there today. I really need to clean those up. The purple one that says SMALLDATETIME with a line through it is something I moved from my office across the street and that was months ago; if I can’t remember that the standard changed to DATETIME by now, it’s hopeless. The one with the fax number for this building can go, too, since I rarely have to give it to anyone and I can look it up elsewhere if I need to. The other three are things I need to do, so I should put those in the system as support requests and assign them to myself. If only I remembered what the one that says [illegible]/Terms means.)

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