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Quiet Day

December 22, 2019

Quiet day on the mountain


After slogging down the mountain through the heavy wet snow yesterday, I took today off. Of course as these things work out, today the weather was calm and they were able to open more lifts and more terrain and it would have been a much better day to ski, but hey, at least I built some character yesterday, right? So today I had a quiet day, catching up on the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and trying to catch up with my photo a day project and writing a nail blog post for tomorrow. I glanced out the front window now and then to see the clouds in the valley (and ponder where the neighbors have put the chair that was out in front; they’re here this weekend and when they arrived, they dug out the chair from the pile of snow that nearly covered it and when I looked out again, it was gone).


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One Comment
  1. John S Says:

    That’s quite a view, especially to an Ohio boy like me.

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