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Archive for December 15th, 2022


December 15, 2022

Today, a week after I put one of my quilts on a guest bed, I put another in the main bedroom.

View of a bedroom with a purple and yellow quilt with a zig zag design on the bed and brown drapes open on the windows on the two walls beyond the bed.

This is the biggest quilt I’ve ever finished, and seems at this point it will remain the record holder. It’s been featured here before, in 2006 when I put it back on our bed in Michigan for the winter (I miss that big room with its happy yellow walls). I finished making it in April of 1995, years before I started writing here.

In doing this entry, I noticed that the old gallery I had the original photos of this quilt in isn’t working now (not surprising, since the software I used then has long since stopped doing updates), so I made a new gallery here.


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