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I Used to Be a Quilter

December 8, 2022

For the first time in the over six years since we moved the last of our stuff out here from Michigan, I have one of the bed quilts I made on one of the beds in our condo. It’s my first quilt, finished in 1989, and it’s in one of the guest rooms, finally on a twin sized bed that it fits (in our house in Michigan, it laid sideways across the queen bed in the guest room, adding color but not providing warmth above the waist for anyone who slept there). I also brought back the king-sized quilt I made for the bed I share with Mr. K, but that one hasn’t made it on that bed yet.

Room paneled in warm wood with a twin size platform bed made of unfinished wood. Bed is topped with a geometric patterned quilt made from cotton fabrics in blues, wine, and lavender.

I’m not sure why it took so long. The boxes the quilts were in were not hidden in the storage studio; they were on the top of the stacks of boxes filled with quilting supplies and fabric, clearly labeled, right where I’d put them when I organized the stacks of boxes we unloaded the truck we brought them in from Michigan (I am not 100% sure if that was the first truck or the second … probably the second, since that’s when we cleared out the storage unit we had in Michigan, which we rented when we de-personalized our house to put it on the market).

I had such dreams of the quilts I’d make for this condo before we moved into it full time. At the peak, it had six (!) twin beds, a queen, and a king (two of the twins have since been removed to make room for a desk). So many surfaces to cover! I had such dreams of quilts I’d make for family and friends after I retired. Yet I have made no quilts at all. At first, I had no space to work in as I’d had in Michigan … we don’t have a formal dining room here. Not so long after we moved, we found the storage studio. I could set up a felt wall and a sewing table there, I just haven’t. I pulled out my sewing machine to make a handful of masks early in the pandemic when that was a thing, but other than that, it’s been idle. I’ve lost my quilting mojo. Not sure what it will take to get it back, or if I should even try.


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  1. Mellie Says:

    Oh! what a beautiful quilt. It is in great shape for being from the 80s. My mom was a great seamstress but I never learned much beyond the basics of sewing.

  2. Mel, fellow former quilter Says:

    Yeah, me too. I had everything set up and then Ike came. I brought everything with me from Galveston but I’ve never even gotten anything out. I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw much away, either – almost all of it’s still in the closet in our second bedroom, but I honestly can’t imagine now that I’m ever really going to pick it up again.

    I do have one of my own quilts on the bed, most of the time – sometimes I pull out one of my mom’s bed-sized quilts for a while and switch out. And I have a couple of small ones I put on the couch, but that’s about it. I really need to do something with the more of my mom’s quilts that are still here.

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