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December 8, 2015

1990 Shoe Inventory

As much sorting and clearing and weeding out as we’ve done, there’s still plenty of stuff to go through, and still stuff is surfacing that I’d forgotten all about, like this Shoe Inventory dated March 1, 1990, which I came across yesterday. My job didn’t allow for business casual, so the “work” section shows many, many pairs of pumps to wear with skirted suits and, for those days I wanted to be daring and show a little more of my foot, a few pairs of slingbacks. It was a different time. Now I think I have only two or three pairs of plain pumps, in case of funerals and other serious events. I say “I think” because I can’t just go look, what with some of my shoes packed up and in our offsite storage unit and some packed up in the basement, leaving only a subset in the closet.

Reading over this list, I see I still have a few of these same pairs in my collection. After all, when you have some stylin’ moon boots, you hang on to those. I’m also a bit sad that I don’t still have a few others. The tan/zebra slipons, for instance, those added fun to any outfit. Some of these I don’t remember at all. Cinnamon pumps? No clue. What would I have worn them with even? If I do another shoe inventory, I will have to add photos. But I suppose that’s what the internet is for; between Flickr and Instagram and such, all my shoes from the past decade or so probably are out there for me to see already if I just go look. Now that I’m retired, maybe I’ll start a shoe blog, too. Though soon enough I’d run out of my own shoes to blog, and I’m not planning to expand my collection since we’re downsizing, so perhaps that’s not a good idea, especially since I haven’t done so well keeping up with this journal or my nail blog since I stopped working. But hey, here were are on Day 8 of Holidailies, so things are looking better on that front right now.


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One Comment
  1. MissMeliss Says:

    I live in Texas and spend a lot of time in Baja, so my shoe collection has a ridiculous amount of sandals in it – Tevas, Kenneth Cole Reactions, Eccos, and seven thousand pairs of flip-flops.

    A shoe blog could be fun. Play with it.

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