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December 15, 2012

I wasn’t feeling well last night and ended up sleeping until 10:15 this morning; I might have slept more but the phone rang and woke me up. By the time I had breakfast and showered and had otherwise gotten ready for the day, it was afternoon. I should have gotten started on one of the many items on my to do list, but instead I got distracted by the idea that I really should scan our old photo albums so we have a backup of all those pre-digital era pictures. Some hours later, I’d finished the first album, which covers the years before I was born. I assembled it in the late 80s or early 90s from photos my mom had hanging around her house, getting her help filling in names and dates for the captions. Thus I can tell you that this photo of her was taken in 1956 at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mom, 1956

When I was checking the scan files on the computer to make sure they were all okay, I got to looking at other old images, which reminded me that my gallery on this site is still broken, which led me to start researching how to fix it. That led me to realizing it’s been so long since I was able to access it that I’ve forgotten my admin username and password, which led me to research how to recover/reset them, which led me to get tired and give up on the whole idea for now. So here it is almost dinner time and I’ve managed to do absolutely nothing on my to do list at all. Here’s hoping I do better at focusing tomorrow.


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