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Not Yet a Tumblr

December 16, 2012

I’ve been pondering making a Tumblr for my dad’s stuff that’s sitting in boxes in my basement. If nothing else, it would force me to figure out Tumblr, which still confuses me somewhat even though I have an account and follow some things and click around over there most days. But I don’t really have time to take on a project like that, so right now Dad’s stuff will have to be here. I scanned a few things yesterday, since I had the scanner powered up and connected to do the photo album. This first item is actually not Dad’s but mine—he just held onto it for me and it only found its way into my hands after he was gone.

1960s Japanese envelope

This image is from an envelope with “For: Karen” written on the front and “From: Chizuko Miyahara” written on the back. I’m pretty sure a Mr. Miyahara was one of my dad’s Japanese business contacts, but more than that I don’t know—was Chizuko his wife? Daughter? Perhaps I’ll find out more as I get deeper into the box, or maybe my mom would remember. This would have been given to him around 1964, give or take a year. I think this could be Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, though the dwarfs are mighty tiny and cute, not what I’d expect to be working in a mine all day.


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