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Long Before I Was Born

December 16, 2008


My mom drew this in 1934, when she was four, and I think it’s awesome, especially the no-armed floaty guy on the right there. Perhaps he is a jellyfish. Perhaps they are playing catch. Who is that on the left–someone I’m related to or a hat-wearing stranger? I don’t need to know the answers; I just enjoy thinking about the possibilities.


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  1. kitty Says:

    That looks like a nurse and a scared kid.

    That’s so cool that you have something like this.

  2. Angela Says:

    My mom has some drawings that my grandmother did as a teenager, and I always loved looking at them. You’re right, it’s all about the possibilities.

  3. Meagan Says:

    I love it when I find little tidbits from my parents’ childhoods. Usually they don’t even remember where they came from but as you said, it’s so strange to imagine.

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