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WDW VI: The Undiscovered Attractions

December 15, 2007

One might think that with our time growing short at WDW, we might want spend as many hours as possible experiencing the attractions we had so far not been able to get to. One would be wrong. We slept in until around 11 and didn’t manage to make it to our first park of the day until around 3 in the afternoon. But we were happy when we got there, because in between we’d found an excellent new-to-us place to have lunch: Fresh Mediterranean Market at the Dolphin hotel. It’s a buffet, but most of the food is prepared to order, like when there’s an omelette station in a breakfast buffet but instead of omelettes they made things like seared ahi tuna and truffle risotto. The only bad thing about it is it’s not open very many hours each day. Or maybe that’s a good thing, because if they were open indefinitely I might still be there eating violet eclairs and asparagus. Yes, I said asparagus; this place was so good it made me want to eat my vegetables.

After Fresh closed, we made our way over to the Studios to do things we’d missed earlier in the week. The Backlot Tour is a shadow of its former self, which made me a little sad, but it certainly made for more efficient touring since it didn’t take up nearly as much time as it used to. The Indiana Jones show doesn’t appear to have changed at all since it debuted years ago, so there were no surprises there. Fantasmic in Florida isn’t quite as impressive or magical as the original Disneyland version, but it’s still worth seeing (thought I wouldn’t wait over an hour for it like some people did). Tower of Terror, of course, was just as fun the third (or fourth? or fifth? I lost count) time around.

After the Studios, we grabbed dinner from the Spoodles pizza window on our way over to Epcot for Extra Magic hours. We finally experienced the updated boat ride in Mexico—it’s got Donald Duck now, which I’m not sure is an improvement. I’m absolutely sure it was a mistake for them to dump the cute song; it would have fit just fine in one of the rooms and comforted those of us who have no clear idea who the Three Caballeros are and don’t particularly want to find out.

Next time: The final installment. Hard to believe, I know.


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