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Archive for December 9th, 2022

Powder Day

December 9, 2022

The marker on our front deck showed around seven inches of new snow overnight (on top of the foot that was already there), and the resort snow report said there’d been eight inches on their marker. This mean Mr. K and I skipped the more leisurely parts of our morning routine so we could get out on the slopes earlier.

Silver metal yardstick attached to a slat on a snow covered deck showing nearly 19 inches built up

I grabbed a pair of powder skis to use instead of the vintage all-mountain Volants I’ve been using most of this season so far (I took my slightly less vintage Fischers out on the first day). Walked down to the village with them, put my ski boots on at our locker in the lodge, carried the skis up near the lift corral and only then realized the bindings weren’t set to fit my boots. I’d completely forgotten Mr. K was the last person to ski on those particular boards. Because the rule is “no spouses on a powder day”, I didn’t want to slow Mr. K down, so he got on the lift and I went back to the locker to get my other skis. Very frustrating. I suppose I could have gone looking for a screwdriver and done my first ever binding adjustment, but I didn’t want to fool with that at that moment, so I didn’t. I still skied, just wasn’t quite as fun as it would have been with the fatter skis on all that new snow.


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