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Archive for December 7th, 2022

Cotton Candy Sky

December 7, 2022

Okay, I know I shared several pictures of the view from my front windows just a few days ago, but look what it was doing last night:

View of a ski mountain in winter, with snow covered slopes and a blue and pink and white streaked sky at dusk

How could I not take some pictures? How could I not share? That would take more restraint than I posses when faced with such a view during Holidailies.

The view to the right, down into the valley, wasn’t bad either:

View across a snow covered street with houses on the opposite side and an empty lot, beyond which a valley between mountain ranges unfolds. The sky is streaked with blue and pink and white at dusk.

That vacant lot across the street has sold twice in the last few years. Someday someone is going to build on it and obscure my view, so I need to take many photos before they do.


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