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Winter Was Coming and Now It’s Here

December 3, 2022

One of the selling points when Mr. K and I bought our condo was the views out the front windows. The number of photos I’ve taken from my own house/driveway is ridiculous, and I have no intention of stopping, especially since it changes season to season and sometimes day to day within a season. Scroll down for some examples from the last couple months as fall became winter. At least one of these previously appeared in my “a week in photos” entries, but the rest I just uploaded so I would have another backup somewhere.

October 5th. Early fall. The weeds and wildflowers along the side of the road are no longer blooming and are starting to turn brown. Some leaves are hinting at turning yellow.

View of a ski mountain in early fall, with some brown showing in open areas but most leaves on trees still being green


October 20th. So much more yellow than two weeks earlier.

View of a ski mountain in fall, with many trees with yellow leaves in the foreground


November 3rd. Sometimes clouds roll in from behind the mountain and obscure the view. (Sometimes they roll up from the valley instead. Good to have variety.) This wasn’t the first snow of the season; that came on October 21st, followed by a warm up a few days later, then more snow.

View of a ski mountain in early winter, with low clouds covering the top half of the mountain


November 9th. Definitely winter. Trees are mostly leaf-less and the berms of snow along the road are building up from the plows.

View of a ski mountain in winter


We’ve had more snow since that last photo, with no melting events, and if we’re lucky that’ll keep happening for the next four months. This view won’t change as dramatically, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for how high the snow gets on the back windows, what animal tracks we see in the yard, how many folks we see skiing or snowboarding down the street toward the mountain, that sort of thing.


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