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Gimme Some Sugar

December 7, 2014

It’s been an extra social weekend for me, with the Instagram gathering yesterday and then today’s adventure, a gingerbread house decorating party hosted by one of my coworkers. She baked and assembled all the houses, while we guests just had to bring candy. My house looked like this at the start of the event:

Ready to start

And here’s an in progress shot; I decided to use a pink, yellow, orange, and white color scheme, though some red snuck in there as an accent:

In progress

All done:


We had the party at work, in the big gathering space on the top floor. The path from there to my office is not a complicated one: out the door to the elevator lobby, down the elevator, through another door into my floor, and a short walk to my desk. I didn’t quite make it. As I came through the door to my floor, I noticed I’d knocked some of my border askew with my chest; distracted by that, I rammed a corner of the board the house was on into a pillar, knocking more of the border down and dislodging the house from its moorings.


Fortunately the house was still in one piece, so I scooted it back in place and patted down the coconut “snow” around it, then did a little repair work on the border (not tall enough to be called a fence, I don’t think). I slid it on top of my cabinet with the good corner pointing out toward the hall, and I don’t think anyone who doesn’t read this journal will notice something’s out of skew on the treadle.

Front and side of the housevspace=”10″>

This is the second time I’ve been able to attend one of these parties; I hope it won’t be the last but it’s hard to know. Sure, I could make my own house (she says confidently, not having baked anything from scratch in ages) and buy a bunch more candy to decorate it, but I’d miss seeing what everyone else was doing with their houses, and wouldn’t have the surprise of being inspired by ingredients someone else brought. It was a fun time, and with so many people pitching in, it didn’t even take too long to clean up. Now it’s on to the work week, which is not as much fun, but at least I’ll have my happy house to look at.


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