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Archive for December 9th, 2021

Castle and Colors

December 9, 2021

One month ago today, me, my compression socks, and Mr. Karen headed to Epcot. We did a thing or two there before getting on the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center, from which we made our way to the Magic Kingdom. No, this was not the most efficient way to structure our day but this trip was not about getting as much stuff done as we could. It’s fun to ride the monorail in the middle of the day when fewer people are on it, so we did. Also, we had a lunch reservation for the restaurant inside Cinderella Castle. We’d eaten there once before, way back when it was still called King Stephan’s. Due to COVID, Cinderella doesn’t come around to each table but she does pop into the room periodically to be admired from a distance. We were more interested in ambiance and food, both of which were pretty good. We had a seat by a window, too, so that was nice.

View out a window with decorative bars forming a diamond pattern to the faux castle outbuildings of Fantasyland


After lunch, we did a few things in the Magic Kingdom then headed back to Epcot around dusk. Spaceship Earth was looking especially fetching at that time of day.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot at dusk


We did a few more things, including our second ride of the trip on Ratatouille, then found a place to watch the Harmonious show from a different angle than we had the other night.

Collage with four images of the Harmonious show on the Epcot lagoon


Then it was time to trudge back to our car. Seeing Spaceship Earth lit up in its new nighttime outfit helped make that trek more pleasant.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot lit up in orange, pink, and purple


Gallery of all the photos I felt fit to post from Days 7, 8, and 9 of my trip is here.


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