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Whirlwind Wednesday

December 16, 2020

My standards for what constitutes a busy day have changed a lot since I retired. Today I woke up around 10, had breakfast around 11, skied a bit in the afternoon, came home and showered, went to town to drop the rest of the holiday cards at the Post Office and get other fabric swatches for the new couch (I hung onto one from the first batch) and check the other grocery store for a couple of things we couldn’t get at our usual one, and spent a couple hours in the studio before driving back up the mountain. That seemed like a lot. I should have done a nail blog post as I usually do on Wednesdays, but decided that was too much. Nail Wheel Wednesday can go on hiatus until Holidailies is over.

We’re supposed to get 6 to inches of snow tonight, so tomorrow will be all skiing all the time. Well, all skiing until the lifts close at 3:30 (it gets dark here around 4 at this time of year). I’m wondering if I need to set an alarm so I don’t miss half a powder day due to sleeping in. I’m also wondering if I go to bed early in order to get a full night’s sleep before said alarm if that will work or if my brain will be all “hey, why aren’t we staying up ’til 1 like usual?”


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