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Carousel of Smiles

December 16, 2017

Going to run errands in town this afternoon, my route took me past the fairgrounds, where there was an event to show off the progress on the vintage carousel some folks are working on restoring. I’d seen the horses early in the year at another event so stopped into this one;. I’d read on Facebook that they’d assembled the carousel and it would be on view, but all I saw when I was there were some exhibits and some horse shadows on a big white curtain.

Carousel drama

I looked around for a bit and read some of the information, then went about my errand running. Imagine my disappointment when I read online after the event was over that they’d unveiled the carousel about a half hour after I left. Geez, they could have put up a sign by that big white curtain: “NO PEEKING; CURTAIN DROPS AT 2”. Ah well, I saw a video. And I do have the photos I took of the horses and other parts of the carousel back in January that I never got around to weeding through or posting.



Looking a horse in the mouth


Allan Herschell, Builders

I probably should have filled out a volunteer form; it would be good for me to meet more people here, and I even have some previous carousel experience in the form of some Saturday mornings spent in the warren of rooms under the bleachers in Spartan Stadium at Michigan State, where the museum was doing some work on some historic carousel horses while I was a student. I can still volunteer; the Carousel of Smiles website has the form along with a lot of information.


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One Comment
  1. Mary Says:

    I love those historic carousels! My favorite is in Ocean City MD – it has horses and other animals as well, including a cat, a frog, ostrich, and others. It’s also a Herschell-Spillman carousel.

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