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Archive for December 22nd, 2018

Fonts Matter

December 22, 2018

I am still not caught up with selecting photos from my November trip, but I’m far enough along to share the one below, which is a great example of a poor font choice. I came across it in one of the Sunday school rooms at the church adjacent to the hall where we celebrated Thanksgiving with cousins and friends and relatives of cousins. I have a college degree and know a lot of words, but it took some puzzling before I figured out the first word here is “mightier”. I don’t know what chance the little children in Sunday school have of reading it. This font is just not meant for an all caps application.

One good thing about this mural is that it led me to find Identifont which stepped me through questions about how various characters in the font are formed to try and tell me its name. The first time it narrowed down to one name, it guessed it was Brush 738. (It is not; the I among others is not a match, but since I didn’t know what a lot of the characters in the font look like, I’m not surprised.) The examples in the questions led me to look more carefully than I had and ponder all the variations in, for example, a capital Q. I also had fun clicking around to see a bunch of different fonts, most of which would have been better choices for this application.

Poor font choice



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