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Archive for December 19th, 2015

Modern Maturity

December 19, 2015


There is ample evidence that Mr. Karen and I are grown ups, what with being retired and all, but there are also signs that we are not entirely mature. Such as Mr. Pumpkin taking a seat in the wreath that hangs above our fireplace, above the mouse ear hats from various Disney theme parks and the sock monkeys (and Patches the guinea pig, who is out of frame in this particular photo). Mr. Pumpkin has since come down from the wreath, as when he was up there, it was too hard to grab him and toss him in the air, as we are wont to do when a team we root for scores or wins a game. Our collection of very large Easter bunnies didn’t survive our downsizing, but Mr. Pumpkin made the cut. Having him here makes the condo feel a little bit more like home.


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