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Lace-Panel Scarf

December 19, 2012

Finished but for blocking

I’ve been waiting to declare this scarf finished until after I’d blocked it, but today decided I’d just go ahead and take pictures and if I get around to blocking it later, great. As it is, I can’t quite remember when I started knitting this or when I finished. I’m 98% sure I was working on it in the truck on the drive back from Idaho early this past March, and I don’t think I was very far along because I recall that I kept looking at the pattern, and I know by the time I was done I’d memorized it, so I’m guessing I started it early last year, perhaps on that same trip. I finished it while sitting on the couch in the family room, watching tv, but that recollection doesn’t help me figure out when since I do that a lot of nights. It’s been months, but how many I don’t know. The pattern is by Angela Tong, from Knit Simple magazine’s Winter 2011/12 issue. I made some tweaks to it, as I only had two skeins of the yarn (Mountain Colors River Twist in the Pine colorway), not enough to make a whole shawl. Casting on fewer stitches and knitting until it looked like the yarn was going to run out resulted in a nice scarf. Originally I was thinking I’d donate it to the Weetacon raffle, but it coordinates so nicely with my plum colored winter coat (and my couch, for that matter) that I might keep it and knit something else for the raffle.

Scarf modeling


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