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Manual Labor

December 19, 2008

I didn’t get to the gym today, but I bet I lifted more weight than I would have if I had made it, because today was my part of Michigan’s turn for the big snowstorm and I shoveled and shoveled ’til my shoveler was sore. I shoveled in the morning so Mr. Karen could get out to go to work (I did my job from home) and people could walk on the sidewalk if they were so inclined to do so in the storm (and some were, mostly people with dogs), then I waited until the snow stopped falling and the plow had gone by and shoveled some more . I used three different shovels at various times: the nice wide old faithful with the blade that’s seen better days, the one with the ergonomic handle that’s great if there’s not much snow, and the new super scrape-y one that will take some getting used to. I left some snow to shovel tomorrow, as my hands were starting to hurt and parts of me (hands, feet, torso) were too hot and other parts (ears, butt, iPod) were too cold and most all my parts were tired. The sidewalk is clear so people can walk, and enough of the driveway is open so we can get vehicles in and out, so that’s good enough for now.


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