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Still Fits, Kinda

I tried on my wetsuit last night, the one I haven’t worn since I stopped kayaking some years back. Since I’m more than a few pounds heavier than I was when I bought it, I didn’t think it would fit, but curiosity and the outside chance I’ll be in a situation this weekend when wearing […]


I wasn’t going to do another diet update this soon, but man oh man, today’s weigh-in threw me for a loop and I just have to share: I lost six pounds. Six. That’s crazy. First week of a crash diet, sure, I could see six pounds, but not now, in the second week of a […]

Less Obese Than Last Week

The big box of food from NutriSystem was indeed sitting on my front porch when I got home last Monday. It was bigger and heavier than I expected–I’m glad I didn’t get it sent to work so I didn’t have to wrestle into and then out of my car. They’re clever to encourage you order […]

New Adventures in Dieting

I’m starting a new diet tomorrow or maybe the day after or possibly Thursday–definitely this week sometime. It all depends on when my order from NutriSystem arrives. Yes, I said NutriSystem. The people responsible for the stupid commercials with the mother of three grocery shopping in a bikini and the other one with some reality […]

Diet Update

Phase I of my renewed diet effort (the one I began two entries ago) went well. Ten days on the Citrus-&-Protein Diet (which I documented in great detail here) made eight pounds disappear. Fad diets DO work–in the short term. Long term, I couldn’t stick to that very limited menu even if it were balanced […]

Drastic Measures

Today I started doing more than just lamenting or ignoring the extra pounds that I’m carrying around (including the 2.5 more of them that appeared this weekend). Today I started the 10-Day Citrus & Protein Diet, which I considered and rejected back when I was flirting with the 140’s (oh, those were the days). Is […]

Heavy, Again

I am feeling so fat. How I hoped I’d never have to write those words again. Yet here I am, mired in the same hole I’ve been in so many times before. Getting dressed for work this morning, I pulled on my best black pants, the side zip flat front twills that I bought when […]


I’ve reached goal; I’m done losing weight. I succeeded not by dropping ten pounds in a week to reach 140, the number I’ve been aiming at for the last two years, but by changing the target. Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers and officially changed my goal there from 145, a number I’d picked so […]


When I got on the scale this past Saturday and saw I weighed 151 pounds, I felt discouraged. I’d been 149.5 seven days before, and the plan was to go down from there. It had seemed like a perfect week to get back on track, since I had no plans to go anywhere unusual, anywhere […]

You Can’t Judge Success By One Number

The scale said 146.5 yesterday. You might expect me to be doing a happy dance about that– after all, it’s another new low for this round of weight loss. Not only have I gotten rid of the pudge I put on during the Christmas season eat-o-rama, I‘ve lost a couple more pounds beyond that. Only […]

Weight Wait

Tomorrow I’m going to Weight Watchers for my December weigh-in. I’m curious to see what the scale will say. When I went last month, I was 151.5 on my scale and 153.2 on theirs (if only they’d let us go to meetings nude!). Given the ups and downs reflected in my weight log recently, I’m […]


This was going to be an entry about how my weight is in the 140’s for the first time since early 1995. I was going to reminisce about that time, how I was working as an accountant at a job that had me stressed out (and wearing pantyhose) most every day. How we’d just gotten […]

The Last Ten Pounds

I weighed 150 yesterday, down a pound and a half from last week. There’s a lot of good in that number. It means I’m moving in the right direction again after last week’s pause (as Angelika wisely pointed out to me after I wrote that entry, one week of holding steady does not a real […]


The scale said 151.5 this morning, the same as the Saturday before. Last week, that number made me very happy; this week, it was a little disappointing, especially since I snuck on the scale yesterday morning and saw 151. (Obviously, I have not made tremendous progress since I wrote about how the scale makes me […]


I weighed 163 pounds this morning. That’s not good, but it’s an improvement over yesterday’s 165. That was hard to see, that 165 staring up at me, particularly since I was 158.5 only nine days before that. How did I gain six and a half pounds in nine days? Simple. Lots of eating, little exercise. […]

Weighty Matters

I didn’t do well at all this week with staying off the scale. I started strong on Monday, resisting the temptation to see what effect a weekend of mostly not tracking points had had. But by Tuesday night, I was back to my hopping ways. Before working out, nude, I was up half a pound […]

The Wait Is Over

This morning, I could finally get on the scale after four days of resisting its lure. Last night I was filled with anticipation, like the night before Christmas– what would gift would the scale have for me? Well, like sometimes happen with presents, I was disappointed. I weighed the same this morning as I did […]


This morning, I almost broke the “no weighing in until Saturday” promise that I made yesterday. The scale is just so tempting. Every morning, I get up and go into the bathroom and turn on the light, and by the time I’m done peeing, the scale has charged itself up and is ready and waiting […]

The Scale Makes Me Crazy

One of the things I should have learned by now is to resist the urge to weigh myself all the time. Once a week is plenty. More often leads to craziness. I know this, yet I continue to hop on the scale almost every morning and let the number affect my mood and behavior, not […]

A Brief History of Me and Weight

I’m thinking a lot about my weight today, because this morning the scale showed the pounds I lost last week are back. Now, I know it’s likely just a temporary blip, caused mostly by water retention, but it’s still bumming me out. I don’t clearly remember dieting for the first time. I remember one summer […]

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