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The Scale Makes Me Crazy

June 3, 2002

One of the things I should have learned by now is to resist the urge to weigh myself all the time. Once a week is plenty. More often leads to craziness. I know this, yet I continue to hop on the scale almost every morning and let the number affect my mood and behavior, not always in a good way. Starting now, I intend to do better.

Saturday is my designated weigh-in day, because that’s the most convenient day for me to go to Weight Watchers. I like to do my own weighing and measuring the same day as I have my WW weigh-in. It’s easier to handle staying the same or even showing a small gain on the official scale if I know that my size is getting smaller even if my weight is not. Later, when I’m at or near goal, it will be good to have an idea on what the variance is between my weight at home and my weight at the center. Since, as a Lifetime member, I only have to weigh-in once a month, and only have to pay the meeting fee if I’m too far over my goal, I might decide to delay my official weigh-in a week or so to save some money. For now, though, it’s just a matter of keeping track consistently so I know if I’m on the right course.

So, these past two months, I’ve been weighing and measuring myself on Saturday mornings. Most weeks, I’ve had a loss from the prior Saturday’s weight. Unfortunately, I’ve also been weighing myself on Monday mornings, and those readings almost always show a gain from Saturday, since I save points so that I can eat more on the weekends. So then I get discouraged that my loss has been wiped out and spend all week worrying that the gain is permanent, often weighing myself everyday to see how much of it’s still there and stressing myself out in the process if I don’t seem to be losing very fast. And to think I started the Monday weigh-ins to guard against disappointment on Saturdays. I was clearly insane. It would be so much better if I could still be basking in the glow of losing a pound and half last week, instead of stressing about the three pounds I bloated up over the weekend. If I’d actually eaten an extra 10,500 calories over the past two days, that would be a cause for concern, but this is just a temporary blip. Weight fluctuates day to day, and I need to stop letting that distract me.

Tomorrow I will not get on the scale as I did this morning. Nor will I get on it the day after, or either of the two days after that. Saturday I’ll see where I’m at and go from there.

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