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June 4, 2002

This morning, I almost broke the “no weighing in until Saturday” promise that I made yesterday. The scale is just so tempting. Every morning, I get up and go into the bathroom and turn on the light, and by the time I’m done peeing, the scale has charged itself up and is ready and waiting to give me unbiased feedback. It would be so easy—a few steps across the room, a step up, and I’d have answer in a second or two. I like answers. I like numbers– I don’t have an accounting degree because it’s sexy, after all. An answer that’s a number is a wonderful thing. Douglas Adams was talking to me when he wrote: “Forty-two”.

But then what? What would I change based on the number I got this morning? The right answer is “nothing”. The important thing to do now is stay on the program I’ve decided on for myself: tracking points and exercising at least three times a week. If I do those things consistently, my weight will trend down and my strength and energy will trend up. I know this. I know that my weight today compared to my weight yesterday is not a relevant data point. If I’m up or stayed the same, it doesn’t mean I did something wrong yesterday and need to change my behavior. If I’m down, it doesn’t mean I can ease up until I gain again. One day is just too small a sample size to base decisions on, yet I still want to take that sample.

Until I get used the new Saturday only pattern, I may have to put duct tape over the readout or put the scale in another room (so Mr. Karen can still weigh himself; he seems to be able to collect the data without getting crazy). At the very least, I can write myself a note; I’m good at following written directions.

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