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Diet Update

July 18, 2004

Phase I of my renewed diet effort (the one I began two entries ago) went well. Ten days on the Citrus-&-Protein Diet (which I documented in great detail here) made eight pounds disappear. Fad diets DO work–in the short term. Long term, I couldn’t stick to that very limited menu even if it were balanced and healthy, which it most definitely is not. One only needs to see the “bacon for dessert” note on my log to get that clue. But for a week and a half, it was a valuable exercise. I showed myself that I can control what I eat, and that I can lose weight without being hungry all the time. The hardest time was between breakfast and lunch, probably because lunch was the smallest and lowest fat meal of the day and I tried to eat lunch late so I wouldn’t be tempted by the snack cupboard at work in the afternoons.

Friday, I started slowly adding some variety into my menus. A half a peanut butter sandwich at breakfast (would have been a whole sandwich, but I had one egg left that I wanted to finish off), fruit of the non-citrus persuasion with the other meals, a faux corndog at dinner. The latter was disappointing–I thought maybe I’d lost my taste for them, but Mr. Karen said his wasn’t that good either, so we must have gotten a bad batch. I kept eating the salads I’d been having during the fad portion of the program along with the full-fat dressings. I was pleased to see that by Saturday morning, I’d lost another half a pound.

This morning I was not at all pleased to see that I’d gained a pound and a half. What happened? Pizza happened. I didn’t eat enough to account for that whole pound and a half–that’s the way water weight works (the same way I didn’t eat so little that I could have lost eight fat pounds in ten days, either)–but it is a clear sign that I need a better pizza strategy than “don’t order the cheese sticks”. Maybe taking my two or three slices out and then taping the box shut? Somehow I don’t think Mr. Karen is going to go for that idea. I’ll have to ponder on it. In the meantime, I’m going to keep avoiding the snack cupboards, continue eating salad, and do my best to not go crazy with any one thing.


One year ago, I was in the hospital and my laptop was at home, so there was no entry. That’s probably just as well.

Two years ago, I was reminiscing about high school.

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