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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 15

April 25, 2024

Monday, April 8: Eclipse day! I might have to write a separate entry about this experience; for now I’ll just say we got to see it with only a few wispy clouds in the sky. It was worth all the stress and driving. Picture below was taken at 2 in the afternoon during totality. It was weird and delightful.

Twilight in mid-afternoon in a parking lot. Wispy bands of clouds in the deep blue sky, pale orange and yellow near the horizon, vehicles in the lot in darkness.

Tuesday, April 9: Woke up in a motel I didn’t realize was right behind the Ozarkland gift shop when I booked it. Mr. K and I continued our drive home. Like we had on the way out, we took time off the freeway to have a meal and do a bit of exploring a new to us town. Actually did that twice, as we were thwarted in our plan to get lunch and pie in a small town so ended up getting a nice dinner in a bigger town (Salina, Kansas), which had a few architectural gems like this theater.

Historic theater building made from tan brick with decorative concrete accents.

Wednesday, April 10: Another lots of driving day. The rest of Kansas, then through Colorado to Wyoming, where got off the freeway a bit and found a Himalyan/Indian restaurant in Casper (home of the eclectic collection of objects below) and finally stopped for the night in Sheridan.

Table with a statuette of children next to a small lighthouse with a tiny US flag stuck in it next to two Buddha figures backlit with a multicolored party light next to a vase of silk flowers with a hand written sign with buffet hours propped against it.

Thursday, April 11: Yep, you guessed it, more driving. Was a mostly Montana day. Made it home well after dark and happy to be there.

Snow covered mountains in the distance with flat ranch land in the foreground, viewed from the passenger window of a moving car.

Friday, April 12: Still some snow on the mountain. If you look closely, you can see a snowshoe hare at the base of one of the pine trees. It’s starting to transition to its warm weather look.

Snow covered hill with two pine trees and some bare branches. There's a hare sitting next to one of the trees, camouflaged against the snow.

Saturday, April 13: Back on the slopes for a bit. Last day for me this season on the second to last day for the mountain.

Me from the shoulders up wearing my ski gear with the slopes behind me.

Sunday, April 14: Feeling fortunate that I get to live so near this view.

View across a valley with a lake at the bottom to snow capped mountains on the other side. It's twilight and there's a pink glow in the sky.



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