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The Lifts Have Stopped Spinning

April 25, 2017

And just like that, another ski season has ended. Ended over a week ago, actually, but somehow I’m just now managing to sit down and write about it.

We got a bonus week of skiing this year; since there was so much snow (ended up something like 30 inches over the historical average for the season) the resort pushed out closing day. The traditional closing weekend activities happened on the originally scheduled days, which turned out to have weather much more like mid-winter than spring, leaving the pond skimming participants skiing and skipping over the water in their shorts through snowflakes. (More pond skimming pictures here.)

Pond skimming


That weekend, we enjoyed mimosas at a bar made of snow hidden in the woods out of bounds; I definitely felt like a local for that interlude.

Mimosa bar in the woods

The cardboard box derby was the next day; this year’s crowd favorite entry was the Viking ship. (More cardboard derby photos here.)

Cardboard sled derby


Cardboard sled derby


This same weekend we had houseguests: one of our nephews, a friend of his, and the friend’s pet pig, Bosco. I loved Bosco. He explored the house and could climb stairs and yes, he did have an interest in the trash cans but was easily distracted by tummy scratches.

Hello Bosco

Actual closing weekend was much more spring-like; I even switched to my lighter neck gaiter.

Last day on the slopes

And of course I took pictures from up on the mountain; I won’t see this view like this until next ski season. Sure, I’ll see it from other vantage points in the summer season, but best to savor it anyway. Something I didn’t take pictures of on the very last day but wish I had was the ski patrollers sitting on the roof of one of the patrol shacks with the two newest rescue dogs. The littlest one was asleep in a patroller’s arms while the bigger one seemed like she needed to be distracted from trying to leap off the roof. I don’t think the dogs will be around in summer so was glad I saw them one last time this winter.

Saying goodbye to this view for another season


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