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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 14

April 22, 2024

Monday, April 1: Another day when I neglected to take any decent photos, so a screenshot from Happy Color will have to mark the day. Happy Color thinks balloons are a big part of April Fool’s Day for some reason. I wish this were true as I like balloons way better than pranks.

Screenshot from Happy Color app showing a wreath brightly colored balloons with April Fool's Day written in the center and confetti scattered over all.

Tuesday, April 2: The highlight of my day was the fundraiser for the mountain’s avalanche rescue dogs. This is Maisie, formerly the youngest of the crew but supplanted in that spot when the new puppy arrived just before the end of the season.

Black labrador dog sitting on a restaurant patio on a bench made from a quad ski lift chair.

Wednesday, April 3: A last look at the mountain before Mr. Karen and I drove away on our eclipse trip.

View of a ski resort in late winter. The runs are mostly still snow covered, but some brown patches are showing.

Thursday, April 4: Mr. K and I took a longer lunch than usual for a road trip and got off the freeway a bit and into the town of Big Timber, Montana, where in addition to eating, we strolled along a main street and browsed in an old fashioned drugstore (still had a soda fountain) and a thrift store.

Bar building with neon sign reading Timber Bar with a lumberjack on the left and a felled tree on the right behind the words. The paint behind the neon is somewhat faded.

Friday, April 5: Just driving and driving, from Jamestown, North Dakota through Minnesota and Wisconsin to the Chicago suburbs, where we laid our heads in a motel that was way too hip for the likes of me. Contrary to the light in the nightstand, I am not untamed.

Nightstand with black top and brown woodgrain based. The word untamed is projected on the bottom board.

Saturday, April 6: Big day in Chicago, with a Disney exhibit in the morning, a Cubs game in the afternoon, and deep dish pizza at night. The exhibit was a bit underwhelming—well done, but for folks like us who know a lot of Disney history from watching shows and listening to podcasts and reading books and going to the parks there wasn’t much new there. I was hoping for way more artifacts; I did like this carousel horse from Mary Poppins, a favorite movie of mine when I was a kid.

White carousel horse in a wall display. Horse is decorated with lilac swirls and green and white flowers.

Sunday, April 7: Had brunch with a high school friend (well, high school for me; Mr. K met him earlier than that) then drove downstate toward the path of totality, stopping to visit Joan’s grave on the way (and happening upon a truck stop with a party and event space upstairs, which was something I’d not seen before). I don’t know if Joan’s spirit can enjoy the view from her gravesite, but I appreciated the sun and clouds when we were there.

View of two white buildings in farmland with sun rays shining down from grey clouds.



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