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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 16

April 26, 2024

Monday, April 15: A day spent catching up on stuff around the house didn’t lead to any good photos, but I did spend some time coloring the last of the Marvel images in the Happy Color app that I’d started before they got pulled from the menu. I am not super familiar with the MCU, so I don’t know most of the characters, but I decided to do the ones with women superheros in them just on principal.

Screenshot from the Happy Color app. Three segment panel with a young woman in a yellow jacket, bright pink tee, and navy shorts shooting pink plasma from one hand.

Tuesday, April 16: Mr. K and I went to clean out our locker in the base lodge. The children’s center still had the art up that the kids had done inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. I did not realize the day care program was that high brow.

Double doors to flanked by children's art: large poppies with construction paper petals and small paintings with round forms in red and orange and blue and green

Wednesday, April 17: Did some errands in town and swung by the marina to see where the lake level was. It’ll be a few weeks before the sailboat can go in.

Looking down a walkway between floating docks. Some of surface is wood planks, some pebbled stone tiles. A man stands at the end in the distance, looking at the beach on the other side of the channel.

Thursday, April 18: Woke to it actively snowing on the mountain, which was rain in town, where I got to see this rainbow from the studio.

Half a rainbow, curving down and to the right, with a yellow willow tree in the left foreground and a sawmill yard to the right.

Friday, April 19: Well, this is embarrassing. Once again, I didn’t take any photos, so all I have is this screenshot I took of the completed page in my Happy Color app because I was so tickled that I’d found two pictures of animals playing tubas to color side by side.

Screenshot from Happy Color app showing grid of completed pictures.

Saturday, April 20: Made broccoli cheddar waffles with yogurt dill sauce for breakfast. I need to make more of the batter next time as the last waffle was not a full one.

Closeup of part of a waffle with irregular edges and a dollop of white sauce next to it on the plate.

Sunday, April 21: Mr. K got me potato soap a while back and it was finally next in the soap queue. Looks pretty realistic.

Soap shaped like a potato sitting on a corner shelf in a beige shower.



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