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Archive for December 30th, 2023

Endemic Pandemic

December 30, 2023

It feels like lots of my internet friends have gotten COVID this month, with pictures of positive tests showing up on Facebook again and again, and one of my small group of in person friends was also sick with it a few weeks ago. When I got COVID for the second time this past summer (my first round was in June of 2022, I didn’t share that news online. I felt ashamed somehow, thinking that if I’d just stayed home more and masked and used Enovid more when I did go out, I could have avoided it. I don’t know where I caught it either time, so what exactly I should have avoided is unclear. I didn’t do anything I haven’t done other times and not gotten sick (and I test for reassurance more than I think most folks do, so I don’t have to play the “allergies, lack of sleep, or COVID” game, so feel like I would have noticed if I’d gotten it more than the two times I know of … the second infection was one of those tests I did thinking it was probably allergies, so mild were my symptoms). I also didn’t want to invite comments on what I wasn’t doing right for a person with COVID—though I didn’t get any of that the first time, when I didn’t get Paxlovid and didn’t do deep resting either. I’ve been fortunate and have avoided long COVID so far (though I do wonder sometimes if the damage is done and just not manifesting yet).

I’m not sure why I’m confessing now; I suppose it felt wrong to me to end the year without mentioning something that felt significant. Yes, it could have been way worse, but it seems like an important marker of these times we’re living in.


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