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A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 22

June 29, 2022

May 30: Last day of the craft conference, and I met this service dog for the first time all weekend. He was a very good boy. I very much wanted to pet him, but refrained.

Shaggy light brown dog sitting on boldly patterned mostly grey hotel conference room carpet


May 31: Checked out of the conference hotel, got more COVID tests, tested negative, checked into a less expensive hotel so I could hang around Chicagoland and rest up for the solo drive home. One of the places I checked out was a Binny’s Beverage Depot, which I knew of due to their constant advertising on Cubs games. I got some cider.

White storefront with name Binny's in red letters

June 1: Well, crap. COVID finally got me. Thanks to vaccines, I didn’t feel too bad, just a sore throat and some congestion and tiredness. I decided I felt well enough to start driving home and that I could do that without exposing others to my germs, so off I went.

Rapid at home COVID test showing postive result

June 2: I made a quick stop at a grocery store so I could make fewer stops for food later and thus minimize being around other people. I had to get these treats from Poland (maybe?) because the “with fruity juice” made me smile. Symptoms of COVID calmed to normal allergy level.


June 3: Still feeling well, if perhaps a bit more tired than usual, but that could also be all the driving. Stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where it was sufficiently windy that I felt a masked me was fine to walk around. That was one highlight of the day. The other was arriving in Bozeman, Montana in time to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset seen from a parking lot

June 4: It rained a lot on my last day of driving. The wet did bring out the colors in these rocks next to a parking lot in Missoula (I think it was Missoula). I made it home before sunset.

Wet rocks showing hints of pink and green among the grey and brown

June 5: Unsure of the risks of Mr. K getting COVID again, I isolated at home as much as I could, sleeping in a guest room and using the guest bathroom and running the Corsi-Rosenthal box in addition to our regular HEPA air filters. I was feeling well enough to go for a short walk and spotted my first trillium of spring.

Pale red violet trillium growing up through sticks



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