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Home is Where the Laundry Is

December 30, 2022

I did not go skiing today. Decided I’d rather avoid the crowds than join them, so I stayed in and did four loads of laundry (sheets and towels might happen tomorrow) and watched some shows off the DVR and colored a fair few pictures on my phone. One plus about all the people here this week is some of them have dogs, and some of those dogs go right by my house on their walks. Just as I was finishing breakfast this morning, I got to see a golden retriever bury the front half of its body in the snowbank next to our driveway, digging to get at the tennis ball one of its people had thrown into the snow. Such a treat to have the delightful sight of that furry butt sticking out of the snowbank, tail wagging all the while, and the triumphant emergence of the front half of the dog with the ball secured. Remembering that latge made me feel less envious of Mr. Karen getting to see a terrier puppy on his way home from the village (he decided to ski for a few hours this afternoon).


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