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When all Else Fails, Scenery

December 30, 2018

I spent some of today dealing with the holiday crowd on the mountain, and since it’s not usually crowded here, my waiting in lift lines skills are not well developed so I got a bit cranky, especially when I decided I some fries would be a good thing and that line was wrapped around a counter I’ve never seen it wrapped around before. Good for the resort—I want them to make money and stay in business—but I cut my ski day short rather than stand in more lines. Then I came home and shoveled heavy snow off the decks and then made dinner (that was easy … reheating some turkey stew from the freezer and making some drop biscuits) and then agreed to watch a DVD we’ve had from Netflix for an embarrassingly long time without realizing that would take three hours including the extras, so now it’s bedtime and I’m tired. This doesn’t make a great journal entry, I know, so please enjoy these scenic shots I took today, one from the village and one from my street.

Lake and lot





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One Comment
  1. Mellie Says:

    So pretty! I shamefully admit I have never seen mountains… someday….

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