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Twilight, The Movie

December 30, 2008

I finally went to see the Twilight movie yesterday, hoping enough time had passed since its release that the squee-ing fangirls would have calmed down some. (Hi, I’m cranky.) What I hadn’t planned for was theater management moving the film into one of the tiny shoebox spaces in the multiplex and the fact that so many people are off school and work this week, which meant the place was jammed. It wouldn’t have been so bad if everyone had gotten there before the show started, but many did not which meant while I wanted to be enjoying the beginning of the film I was instead distracted by people shifting around to accommodate the latecomers, including two who squeezed into the middle of the row I was in. (Did I mention I get cranky?)

Enough complaining about the crowd; it’s time to complain about the movie (or compliment it). If you haven’t seen it and don’t wish to be spoiled, don’t scroll down below this book cover tribute photo I took last night when I got home.


It wouldn’t be stretching the truth too far to say my favorite part of the evening was the Half Blood Prince trailer. (Warner Brothers please note I am still annoyed that you pushed the release of that film into a month during which I cannot wear any of my fandom knitwear to see it when it opens.) The movie would have had to be truly special in order to suck me in the way the first book in the series did when I read it in 2007 (but I liked each subsequent book less so by the time they get around to filming the fourth installment pretty much anything they film will please me as much as the book did). It was not truly special. I didn’t hate it or anything; I just didn’t get swept up into the world of the movie. I spent much of the time distracted by the Cullens’ bad makeup, especially Edward’s lipstick. I know this was a low budget film, but blending sponges are not that pricey. The cosmetics obviousness had me thinking to myself if the vampires are going to wear makeup, why not use it to make themselves look more human? Bella often looked quite pale but natural, so it’s not like that effect was impossible to achieve. There were some little things sprinkled throughout that I loved, the shout out to the book cover, the graduation cap art, and the plentiful knitwear among them. There’s one hat in particular I want to find a screencap of because I think it needs to be on my head soon, and I’m pretty sure I already have the yarn.


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One Comment
  1. Melissa Says:

    I remember thinking the same thing about the makeup. It was “I know they’re supposed to be paler than everybody else but this just looks like bad attempts at being drag queens”

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