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Home Again, Doodly Doo

December 29, 2022

The weather cooperated and Mr. K and I were able to drive home over the pass yesterday. There were a few sloppy and/or slippery stretches but all in all the journey was smooth. It still being Christmas week, there were approximately five times more cars within a stone’s throw of our house than there usually are, but no one had parked in our driveway like sometimes happens on busy weeks when there’s been a lot of snow (the condo building next to ours has a rather steep driveway, and people who come to stay there in the winter aren’t always prepared for that).

I didn’t ski today, opting to have a relaxing day in my own quiet space after all the social time on our trip. I did walk down the village to get the mail, and boy howdy it was crowded. It’s good that so many folks are here spending money, but wow what a difference from a usual Thursday.

View from the base village of ski resort. There are many people in ski gear and many skis in the racks. Looking up, there are many people riding the lift and skiing down the runs.

I still enjoyed the view into the valley after getting my mail, same as most usual days. The parking lot is way more crowded, yes, and the path down to it is busy. Small things compared to the grand expanse of natural beauty on display

View into a valley in the winter.

I’m not sure I’ll ski tomorrow, either. There’s supposed to be some snow overnight and more during the day tomorrow, but I don’t know that I want to deal with holiday crowds to get my piece of that. And heaven knows I have plenty to do around the house, starting with the mounds of laundry I know are lurking just outside the room I’m sitting in typing this now.


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