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The Internet is Weird

December 29, 2015

I was poking around Flickr earlier and happened to notice in one of the little boxes cluttering up some screen that my most viewed photo yesterday was from April 2014, showing the conference room in Minsk that served as my office when I was there. I don’t get it. It’s not a particularly well composed or interesting photo, and it’s not in a current set, so why the views. I assume someone linked it somewhere, but poking around further on the Flickr stats page was no help at all. If I were feeling motivated, I could probably dig up something more, but I’m not, so I’m left to imagine some “conference rooms around the world” page that’s inexplicably popular.

My office away from home

As of right now, this photo has 4981 views, which is 4830 more than one of my favorites from that trip, a night street scene I took a few blocks from my hotel.

Minsk street scene


Silly internet.


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