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Archive for December 3rd, 2023

Goodbye Tabs

December 3, 2023

Last year during Holidailies, I was inspired to close a bunch of tabs on my phone browser. I went through a similar exercise in this past April, but since then I have not done a good job keeping my number of open tabs reasonable (on one screen is my definition of that), even though there’s that little number I see each time I go in that shows me how ridiculous I’m being. Right now that number is at 74, so here I go again with the weeding out (this time with some links provided so I can see how many are dead by next year when I come across this post again).

Some of the tabs that I decided to let go of :

Search results for Walt Disney World passholder entrance, which I opened after reading a post in a Facebook WDW annual passholders group that I’m still in even though the most recent passes Mr. Karen and I bought lapsed over a year ago. This person claimed to have searched Google and Facebook and the group and not found the answer to whether there were AP entrance lanes at the parks. I know not everyone lives on the internet like I do, but seriously. I just had to see for myself that the answer was right there in the top five results on Google. I truly wonder what search terms that person used that they didn’t see that. I refrained from commenting on that post, just tutted to myself.

An article from the newly rejuvenated Powder magazine about my home resort delaying opening day. I found it curious that they posted this two days after the delayed-by-one-day opening.

Directions for folding an origami daylily, which I did at Kathy’s house last week, having picked up a piece of pretty origami paper from the the pizza place we had dinner at one night (they had some games and toys to amuse oneself with while waiting; I think mainly for kids but there were none using them when I came across the spot).

Square piece of paper printed with a mostly red and blue quilt-like mandala design. Paper has been creased diagonally in both direction and in half in both directions  then unfolded and set on a wooden table.


A collection of colonoscopy-related items:

a) Search results for obesity considered systemic disease because the report I got after my procedure showed that I was assessed as “a patient with mild systemic disease”, but the disease was not specified.

b) Search results for sessile polyp, also from the paperwork they gave me. Mine was 5mm. Lab results indicated I should come back in 7 years for another check.

c) Article about the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale. I scored an 8 out of 9. Bit disappointing.

Search results for a slogan on a t-shirt I saw a guy wearing that I suspected was gross but didn’t know for sure: lions not sheep. And yep, exactly the kind of gross I’d expect from this part of Idaho.

A currently dead link to a forum thread on a fantasy baseball site about the difference between scuffling and struggling. Watched a lot of baseball over the summer and heard more than one announcer use “scuffling” where I would have said struggling, yet they know the word struggling since they would use it in other situations.

This simple trick may help with Tinnitus because I’ve been noticing fairly regular ringing in my ears the last several months, way more than I had it ever before. Not sure why. Wish it would go away. And this “trick” sometimes does help for a short time.

Tasting Table’s list of the best pie in every state. Not to be confused with the Food & Wine list. Don’t have any travel planned for a while that would require looking for pie in other places.

Tabs that survived (most of which are the same content as survived last time):

Weather forecast for the mountain.

NY Times games for Wordle and Connections. Usually shows Connections as I do that one after Wordle typically.

Bluesky. I have an account there thanks to a friend’s invitation but I forget to read stuff there, much less post.

Yahoo Mail. Another thing I forget I have and need an open tab to remind me.

Forum thread on how to do fast fast fast forwarding on iPod because yes I still use mine but not enough to remember how to do this when I need to (usually when I’ve started a podcast in my car and the iPod reboots itself before I can finish listening in the studio.

Snow report for the mountain I live on (I did close this one in April and it’s been gone since but now I need it again).


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